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Do you know someone who is organising a wedding? Do them a favour and pass on the news about Boursot's Wine Collection, where the quality and real value of the wines are guaranteed. They will receive good professional advice and of course, they will be able to try the wines before making a decision.

Some people may try telling you that there are no savings to be had by shopping for wines in France. They’re mistaken – they’ve been taken in by the so-called "special offers" in the UK! These still leave colossal savings to be had here in France of around £7 to £10 per bottle on champagne - and that's before the savings of at least £2.50 on each bottle of still wine. So, when you need to buy wines and champagne for a wedding or for a large party, it is entirely sensible to hop across for the day and buy your wines in the pretty town of Ardres, just 15 minutes south of Calais. With a wide variety of restaurants, Ardres is a good tranquil spot to do your wine shopping. In cultural terms, it’s a million miles from the scrums of shopping in Britain – or the horrid concrete bunkers of Calais!

The main difference in price owes to the amount of duty charged in the UK at £2.05 per bottle before VAT (there is approximately £0.03 of duty on a bottle of wine in France), and there are also less distribution costs that make your wine purchases cheaper in France.

The average couple coming to Ardres tastes a few wines, has an enjoyable lunch, perhaps stocks up with a few French goodies from local shops and returns to the UK with guaranteed quality red, white and bubbly at low French prices, saving on average well over £1,000 (which can then be spent on the honeymoon or on the new home!). It's a wonderful day out – and a welcome change from the rising pressures during the run up to the Great Day!

By way of example, Boursot's is currently charging the equivalent (at 1,36€ to the £) of £5.10 for an excellent Méthode Traditionnelle, £13.20 on its delicious champagne that is made by a Premier Cru producer in the village of Dizy and just £24.00 on Pol Roger - each of which could go down well at a wedding. Download the full list of wines HERE

Your French wine purchase is not subject to the penal excise duty charged in the UK, and there are no restrictions on the amount you can take back, provided that the wines are for personal consumption and that you are travelling with your purchases. It is unlikely that anyone at Customs would show any interest but just in case, it’s always a good idea to bring along a copy of the wedding invitation.

Just work it out for yourself - you know it makes sense!

October 2015

Wedding List Service Wedding List Service Wedding List Service

Wedding List Service

Boursot’s Wine Collection is pleased to offer you its Wedding List Service in which couples can make a selection of wines from which their friends or guests can choose a suitable wedding present of a particular style or value. This can be arranged either in person, by telephone or by e-mail.

Initially you would tell us of your wine style preferences, whether the wines are required for enjoyment now or over the coming years, whether this is to form the basis of a new, or to be an addition to your cellar. Also it would be helpful to learn whether the wines are for pleasure or for investment or indeed a combination of the two.

After discussions, we would agree a final list that donors will be able to look at and to order from. All bottles bought from Boursot’s Wine Collection are provided with tasting notes and recommended drinking dates. If wines for the List have been bought from elsewhere, for example from auction, Boursot’s will provide as accurate taste and background notes as are feasible without tasting these specific bottles.

Bottles or cases can be purchased by the couple’s friends and relatives by telephone or e-mail (Boursot’s has a secure web page where card details may be left safely) and these wines will be held in the cellars in Ardres until the newlyweds are ready to collect after their honeymoon. By taking their own wines back with them, of course couples will not be paying the UK’s penal duty on wine imports.

Please enquire for further details on

October 2015

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