We are happy to deliver to your door. This can be particularly helpful as a gift service, or a “breakdown service” when you just need to top up or if you should like to buy samples for a wedding for instance.

Buying good quality French wine in the UK is either difficult or expensive - often both. Most UK retailers do not have our access to the smaller better French producers so good quality French wine that still offers great value is increasingly difficult to find in the UK.

Since 1 January 2021 there is ongoing chaos in customs regarding home deliveries of wine into the UK. It appears that UK duty is payable on delivery but the calculations are not easy to understand. As a guide, UK duty of £2.23 a bottle of still wine and £2.86 on sparkling wine, plus 20% VAT on these sums, is chargeable and the courier also charges £35 for collecting tax for the UK government.

Deliveries with a wine value under £135 / 150€ ex VAT appear not to attract taxes but there has been no clear definition and so, nothing is certain.

Once your order leaves us, we cannot accept any liability that the UK transporter or customs might ask you for. We ask respectfully that you do not refuse delivery for whatever reason because the transporter will charge us UK import as well as UK export charges. If your refused delivery is returned to us, we reserve the right to charge your card with all additional charges made by the transporter and customs.

Even with UK duty our wines still offer excellent value for the quality and cannot be bettered in price in the UK. But the savings are nothing like as great as they would have been if you had collected them from Ardres. As the UK’s prices continue to rise, the differentials can be expected to increase.

Per delivery
1 bottle 19,90€
2 - 12 bottles 29,90€
13 - 60 bottles 47,50€
61 - 120 bottles 79,80€
121 or more bottles 113,70€

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