We now offer you a home delivery service direct to any address in the UK. This can be particularly helpful as a gift service, a “breakdown service” when you just need to top up or if you should like to buy samples for a wedding for instance.

Buying good quality French wine in the UK is either difficult, risky or expensive - often all three. Most UK retailers do not have the access to the smaller better French producers so good quality French wine that still offers great value is increasingly difficult to find in the UK. We are confident that even after our repackaging and delivery charges, our UK prices on our Guaranteed Quality wines are still cheaper (and better) than an equivalent bottle in the UK.

We suggest you restrict your order to a maximum of 120 bottles so as not to attract undue attention!

For those of you who are too busy to hop across the Channel this can provide you with the perfect opportunity to keep stocked up! Of course there is still the option to hop across to stock up and take fuller advantage of French prices by filling your boot in Ardres or Marquise.

We need to tell you that the price you pay is ex UK duty.

The European guidelines concerning the importation of wines and spirits were left deliberately vague so that each member state could interpret them as it felt appropriate.

Britain’s HMRC interpreted that it wished to impose a high level of duty on alcohol imports if you were not travelling with your alcohol purchases. When we despatch export orders, we attach an accompanying customs declaration to the consignment.

We would like to point out that whilst technically you may be liable to pay UK duty upon arrival into the UK, this is rarely enforced. Indeed, of all the deliveries that we have made into the UK, we have not yet heard of there has not yet been one single instance of a recipient being asked for the duty. But the best way to look at this is to factor in an extra £2.70 per bottle of still or £3.50 on sparkling for duty and VAT just in case customs do present you with an invoice. However even with duty our wines still offer excellent value for the quality.

To place your order :

Simply go to and order your requirements on-line. Your order will be acknowledged automatically and delivery will normally be made two or five working days after the consignment leaves our cellars. On our confirmation you will receive from us a link to access full tracking on the state of your order.

If you should need any specific advice, please contact Guy Boursot on in the normal way and he will come back to you as quickly as possible. We look forward to being able to supply your additional wine requirements in this way.

Per delivery
1 bottle 19,90€
2 - 12 bottles 29,90€
13 - 60 bottles 47,50€
61 - 120 bottles 79,80€
121 - 180 bottles 113,70€
181 - 240 bottles149,80€
241 - 300 bottles180,40€

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